Upcoming Offerings


January 31st, February 28th, April 25th,

May 23rd, August 15th, September 26th,

October 24th, December 12th

Sunday's from 12-5pm

Held at Kate's Home located in the hills over Sonoma, CA.

$300/ couple, includes nourishing soup and herbal infusions.



adjective: 1. having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.
                  2. spiritually aware.


Birth, like most great rites of passage, comes down to a leap of faith.  

Enlightened Birth provides you with the wisdom and faith that's needed to take that leap. 


An Enlightened Birth Retreat gives couples an opportunity to go deep together and commit to their birth process.  I give mothers a simple, effective, and flexible template for coping with intense labor, and help partners to realize the true power and importance of their roll.


The goal is for both partners to feel relaxed & centered in their body,

connected to each other & their baby, and well prepared for their birth.

We explore these topics and more through engaging lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and lots and lots of practice:

  • What makes birth work: Understanding the hormonal blueprint of labor and birth

  • Making choices that support thel birth process

  • The baby’s journey through the birth canal & stages of labor

  • Pelvic + Belly/Baby Mapping

  • Common labor variations & how to encourage progress

  • Tools for coping with strong contractions

  • Support as a coping technique

  • Homework (and play!) for a better birth

  • Hospital protocols, common interventions, and protecting the sacred art of gentle birth

  • A midwife's guide to healing after birth

  • The sacred transition into motherhood: Mothering the mother and the importance of the first 40 days postpartum 

  • Restoring Your Root: How to heal all the way after birth


What makes ENLIGHTENED Birth different from other birth preparation classes?

The content of ENLIGHTENED Birth draws from my 17 years of practical experience in the birth community: as a midwife, prenatal yoga instructor, massage therapist and prenatal massage instructor, doula trainer, and through my own birthing experience. ENLIGHTENED Birth extends far beyond the basics to offer you inspiring birth wisdom. My goal is to give you a customizable template for coping with the intensity of labor and having the best birth experience possible.


When should my birth partner and I take this course?

You can attend an ENLIGHTENED Birth retreat at any time during your pregnancy but most couples choose to attend during their mid-to-late 2nd trimester.

Should I attend a hospital birth class in addition to ENLIGHTENED Birth?

It depends. Couples who are well supported by a doula or midwife will likely feel that this retreat gives them more than enough preparation for their birth. ENLIGHTENED Birth also pairs beautifully with other birth classes because the information and presentation are so unique.



Personalized healing sessions to release tension patterns, stories, fears, and trauma before you birth.  The goal is to boost your confidence in your body, demystify the birth journey, and leave you feeling deeply connected to your baby.   A bodywork for birth session includes guided visualizations, focused breath work, belly/baby massage to release overall tension and assess the baby's position, and gentle internal release work to unwind tension patterns in your pelvic bowl and "pave the way" for your baby.​

*You must be in your 3rd trimester at the time of your appointment.  

Prenatal Massage for all trimesters... my hands, seasoned with 20+ years of massage practice and midwifery experience, listen and lead the way as I slowly unwind your muscles, joints and connective tissues and coax you into a blissful state of healing.  My work covers the spectrum, from deep structural bodywork to very subtle (yet potent) craniosacral and visceral therapies, with many other manual and energetic techniques woven in to maximize your experience and the lasting effect. Massage also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, flooding your body (and if you're pregnant your baby) with Oxytocin, Serotonin, and other healing hormones. 

Postpartum Rehab

A Holistic Pelvic Care session focused on healing after birth.  In a Postpartum Rehab Session I asses for prolapse (uterine, cystocele & rectocele), check on tear/episiotomy/cesarean healing & begin scar tissue softening, restore optimal muscle recruitment, address incontinence issues, discuss impact on sexual health, check for diastasis recti and begin a basic core strengthening regimen, and SO much more.  This early check-in could eliminate YEARS of struggle, insecurity, pain, and overwhelm.   5-6 weeks postpartum seems to be the sweet-spot, restoring harmony before imbalances are strengthened while also allowing adequate time for your tissue to heal after birth, but it's never too late!