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Kate Coletti

Mother, Midwife, Teacher, Healer

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I help women discover their body’s potential and heal from birth or trauma.

I have been a dedicated student and practitioner of manual therapies since 2001, a teacher of prenatal yoga & birth preparation since 2005, and began catching babies as a Licensed Midwife in California in 2007.


Today, I have a full-time healing practice that focuses on women's health.  My advanced trainings in Holistic Pelvic Care™, pelvic floor rehabilitation, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, along with my midwifery experience & intuitive understanding, help us get to the root of your pelvic issues and bring deep, lasting healing.

My private practice is based in Sonoma, CA, though I love to take my workshops and healing offerings to women's gatherings and retreat settings around the world. 

Wild Woman Wellness on the road:

SONOMA YOGA - Last Sunday of the month 12-1:15

Prenatal Yoga + Mother Blessing

Reserve your space: (707) 935-8600

Sonoma, CA


Holistic Pelvic Care Pop-Up Clinic

Reserve your space: (916) 223-7731

Rocklin, CA

THE SUNROOM (seasonally)

Holistic Pelvic Care Pop-Up Clinic

Reserve your space: (530) 933-7303

Nevada City, CA


Holistic Pelvic Care Pop-Up Clinic

Reserve your space: (707) 671-7476

Ukiah, CA


Holistic Pelvic Care Pop-Up Clinic

Reserve your space: (831) 332-3075


Holistic Pelvic Care + Breast, Belly, & Bowl

Diamante Valley, Costa Rica


Holistic Pelvic Care + Breast, Belly, & Bowl

Cave Junction, OR

Voted Best Massage Therapist in Sonoma!

Sonoma Index Tribune 

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"Our (Holistic Pelvic Care) session was beautiful and will always be thought of as a moment when my life changed forever. Thank you for guiding me through that experience and helping me reconnect to my body. Since our treatment together I have increased mobility beyond what I thought possible for my hips, back and abdomen. I have muscle memory returning from childhood that makes me feel so capable of being able to strengthen muscles I thought had far too much damage to ever come back to life. Beyond the physical benefits that I’m overjoyed to be feeling, the emotional cleansing that happened in that hour was more than I’ve been able to do with help for 25 years. Being able to channel your words and the connections you helped me to find with the earth have given me a new look on who I am here. Thank you."



"I had my first appointment with Kate and it was wonderful. I made the drive from SF after searching for Holistic Pelvic Care. I found Kate's methods to be incredibly effective (I had more sensation after one session and felt better the next day). I didn't really know what the session would entail and due to the intimate nature of the care I received from Kate I'd like to say to anyone considering working with her, that Kate is disarmingly wonderful and that the process itself was made far more approachable due to how awesome it is to be in the presence of this woman. I plan to do at least one follow up appointment and I'd love to join her for some yoga classes that she offers as well. For anyone searching for pelvic floor care postpartum, I would most definitely recommend this type of care. Kate definitely helped me physically but she also helped me mentally and emotionally by making me realize that my body is normal, it is healing, and that it's a process. Intuitively, that felt a lot better than a numerical assessment about tissues that are still in a healing process (and it seemed more reasonable). I hope Kate offers Holistic Pelvic Care for years to come as I think it is invaluable to practically all postpartum mamas. Thank you, Kate! You made me feel normal and also important and cared for."

"Kate is a treasure in Sonoma! I recently had a pelvic floor session with her. The experience was super safe, not weird at all -- quite the opposite. I felt like I was floating in the arms of the mother. It was something akin to a watsu massage, or Holotropic breath-work. The trapped energy that was being released in my pelvic bowl fed the rest of my body with nurturing feminine energy. The actual session was beautiful and healing, but a miracle happened after. I was able to stop my pee midstream for the first time since having my son 13 years ago! I had no idea how weak my pelvic floor is. I learned that I have been doing Kegels all wrong for all these years -- I was bearing down instead of pulling up. I, at age 48 already have continence issues already. I am incredibly grateful for the insight in which Kate has provided me. Now I won't need diapers or bladder surgery -- hell yes!!"

"Kate held such a meditative space. I've never received this type of body work and was obviously a little nervous to do so. :) But Kate's loving presence dissolved any sense of nervousness, so that I could totally receive the magic that she was about to unlock. When she began, she called in the ancestors and I could literally see and feel the presence of my great grandmothers. That was just the first 10 minutes! 

Within Kate holding a sacred space, I was allowed to get curious about what was happening inside my vagina - muscularly and spiritually. I walked away from the experience filled with happy tears. I received so many beautiful messages that are still coming in. This was more than a massage, this was a healing experience and a powerful spiritual transmission."

"Enlightened Birth was packed full of powerful knowledge, positive affirmations and tons of goodness for us to carry with us into our natural birth journey. Seth shared that he felt much more confident about being a part of the birth team and caring for me in labor. He noted that the tips and tricks Kate shared were simultaneously simple and easy to remember while also feeling like intimate and deep solutions.  I would highly encourage any of my clients and friends to participate in this retreat, especially if natural childbirth is your goal. Kate turned a hum-drum experience into a truly peaceful and beautiful journey preparing for a spiritual and enlightened birth."

"Kate Coletti is the real deal. She makes pregnancy and birth seem simultaneously spiritual and sexy, yet somehow still totally grounded in the Earth. I've been taking Kate's prenatal yoga classes for about three months now and I don't know what I'd do without them! I started coming for the pregnancy-tailored movement and stretching but what I get from her class is so much more than that, and it's something I didn't even realize I needed.I leave feeling not only skeleto-muscularly aligned and relaxed but also confident, empowered, energized, and connected to my baby in a deeper way than I have felt all week. Kate is a font of maternity wisdom and shares lots of practical tips for sitting, standing, and sleeping in ways that relieve a lot of the discomforts of pregnancy, but beyond that her very being just exudes this very inspiring reminder of the best of what it is to be a woman: abundance, nurturing, strength, beauty, love. Oh, and her prenatal massage is bliss!"

"Kate was an integral part of our birthing process and story, and she impacted us all with her grace, radiance and gentle supportive energy! She brings a calm and healing tone with her wherever she goes, whether it is a connection with a client or at the edge of the birthing waters. I still remember her soothing touch on my hips and sacrum as she helped me open up and make way for birth with stretching, movement and kind encouragement. Kate is able to offer the sacred stillness in the midst of what feels like insurmountable challenges and chaos. It is a rare quality to be able to share firm yet gentle guidance in the face of adversity and pain, but Kate does it, and brings a touch of the goddess too!"

"Kate was a significant presence in both my pregnancies, in the role of yoga instructor, masseuse, midwife, postpartum doula, and above all, coach. She offered an endless amount of insight and information regarding pregnancy and birth, and provided me with invaluable emotional support as I adjusted to my new role as a mother. She is nurturing, empathetic, and intuitive, and the perfect companion for any new mother's journey."

"I was first referred to Kate by a friend for prenatal massage because I was expecting my 3rd child and feeling quite run down by my newly pregnant, but very tired body. I enjoyed not only a wonderfully connected and tailored massage session, but quite honestly the best overall massage I had experienced in my life. Kate was present, therapeutic and compassionate. I had loyally recieved prenatal massage in my first pregnancy, but being a mother of two left me feeling far from "connected" to this pregnancy experience. I left that massage with clarity, comfort and connection to my new baby I had not been able to enjoy until that very moment. The next week I begain attending Kate's yoga classes and continued both massage and prenatal yoga religiously for the remainder of my pregnancy. By 6 months I felt inspired by Kate to attempt my first natural labor and asked Kate to accompany me to the hospital as my doula.My delivery was something I will never forget and the empowering energy and guidance from Kate's presence, support and expertise was such an incredible gift to have as I met my baby boy and experienced the true euphoria of natural childbirth. Kate is now like family to me, and I am continuously amazed at her presence, radiance, and abilities as an educator, therapist, friend, and healer. To know her and to work with her is truly a gift for the soul."

"I have had the great opportunity to participate and experience three of Kate's offerings: prenatal yoga, her birth workshop and her delicious massages! I can say that Kate played an integral role in turning around my mind and body while pregnant. After just one prenatal yoga class I knew this what I had been missing in my pregnancy - the time and opportunity to connect. Connect with my body, my growing baby and other mamas in the community. It was amazing.Her couples workshop was a great opportunity for my husband and I to come together and support each other in my pregnancy and with the birth of our daughter. When labor started my mind snapped right to my yoga classes and workshops with Kate. I was able to keep my mind and body at ease and let my body do what it needed. I utilized positions and exercises taught by Kate and my daughter was born in 5 hours without any medication. I thank Kate for helping me get to the place where I was able to trustmy body, my baby and myself. Thank you, Kate!"

"Kate will make you believe in magic.I came to her yoga class seeking relief for sciatic nerve pain early in my second trimester, and ended up finding my most cherished pregnancy ritual. Kate’s genuine respect for the natural pregnancy journey and warm, gentle energy makes each class feel therapeutic. She has also built up a strong community of local mothers, and- as a newcomer to Sonoma- I really benefited by connecting with a tribe of other mamas having babies around the same time as me.I had the great pleasure of joining her Enlightened Birth retreat and, while I learned quite a bit, what impressed me most was how much my partner came away with. Kate’s teachings (mantras, breath-work, and delicious massage!) were totally present as my partner coached me through my wild 36 hour labor, and I was so grateful to have that sense of wisdom and calm during the most difficult moments of childbirth.Even today, as I cuddle my newborn, I still call up the gems of wisdom she shared in prenatal yoga, Enlightened Birth, and bodywork sessions. I feel very lucky to have connected with Kate, and am so grateful for the amazing work she does for local mamas.”

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