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Manual Medicine for Midwives (and other birth professionals)

Wake up your healer hands!  Manual Medicine for Midwives will revolutionize your birth work with over 50 hands-on techniques to improve your clients experience, birth outcome, and healing journey (and make the wise healer woman within you beam with confidence and fulfillment).

This course is for midwives, nurses, doctors, doulas, acupuncturists, massage therapists, prenatal yoga instructors, and any other birth professionals who wish to better support women through the childbearing year.

Two full days of study & hands-on practice.

+ Optional 1:1 coaching or opportunity to receive the work with Kate


⫸  Introduction to Manual Medicine

⫸  Anatomy 2.0

⫸  Prenatal Care

⫸  Birth Support

⫸  Postpartum Care I

⫸  Postpartum Care II

To supplement course instruction, you will receive a fully illustrated, comprehensive study guide on the first day of course.


Upcoming Session

October 21 & 22, 2023 from 10am-5pm 
Sonoma, CA

+ $50 off in-person sessions (up to 3 sessions) to receive and/or 1:1 coaching

Some of the topics we will explore:

Prenatal Care 

⫸  Manual treatment of hip and pelvic pain

⫸  Pelvic balancing

⫸  Round ligament release

⫸  “Paving the way” for Birth (Internal unwinding and perineal release)

Birth Support

⫸  Positions and manual techniques to make room for baby, ease pain, and precipitate birth

Postpartum Care

⫸  Assess and Treat Prolapse (specifically cystocele & rectocele)

⫸  Scar Remediation

⫸  Bringing the womb home

⫸  Diastasis Recti Evaluation & Remediation

⫸  Assessing strength with manual biofeedback

⫸  Restoring functional movement to the pelvic bowl & core

Photo Credit: Reya Sun

I have been compiling this body of work over the last 20+ years as a bodyworker, midwife, and prenatal yoga teacher. I use many of the techniques every day in my healing practice and you can apply them in your birth practice right away, too.
Deepening your anatomy understanding and watching/practicing proven techniques will inform your touch and fast track your effectiveness and confidence.

Recommended reading, travelers resources, and all the other details will be provided after registration.   CEU's are in the works!

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