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Magical Maca

Oh, malty Maca, you are SO amazing!

Maca is grown in the mountains of Peru (sometimes called Peruvian ginseng) and has been used as a superfood that to improve health for centuries. Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E, along with calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium as well as essential fatty acids and 19 amino acids! Maca helps restore red blood cells, keeps your bones and teeth healthy and allows you to heal from wounds more quickly. It can also be helpful in increasing in muscle mass.

Here are a few additional benefits that make Maca magic for Wild Women:

– Boosts libido and increases sexual endurance

– Balances your hormones and increases fertility

– Relieves menstrual and menopause symptoms

– Improves skin issues

– Balances mood swings

– Increases energy

Maca Smoothie Recipe

Blend together: 1-2 Tablespoons Maca powder 1-2 bananas 1 cup almond or hemp milk 1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Add frozen berries, cinnamon, greens, cacao nibs or other creative additions…

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