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1. Encourage her to rest. Gently stroke her hair, massage her, whisper calming words into her ear, hum… whatever it takes to get her so relaxed she could fall asleep (even if it’s just for two minutes) 2. Help labor progress by making more Oxytocin, aka the love hormone AND the hormone responsible for making contractions in labor. Massage her butt and legs, sweep her hair off her face, tell her how beautiful and amazing she is, or try nipple stimulation for stronger, longer, and more frequent contractions. 3. Offer nourishment and hydration. Water, electrolyte charged drinks, and nutrient rich snacks are key to keeping labor progress on track and mama’s energy levels up. 4. Avoid unnecessary conversation with and around the laboring mama. 5. Take her to the bathroom every hour. A full bladder can be hard to notice in the throes of labor and can impede the baby’s decent in the birth canal. 6. Offer ideas of position changes (hands & knees, the birth ball, the toilet) or suggest the shower or tub. 7. Try a cool compress on her face and neck. 8. Be on vibe patrol. Door shut, music up, lamp shade tilted… use the breaks between contractions to improve the overall comfort, energy, and vibe in the labor room. 9. Take your texts, calls, and all other electronic communications outside. 10. Make sure you eat, drink, use the restroom, and call in support when sleep becomes a necessity.

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