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Postpartum Support

The Postpartum Support Package was created for families who are planning hospital births and includes midwifery care in your home on approximately days 3, 6, 10, and two weeks with unlimited support over the phone.  

Home visits are generally 1-2 hours and include guidance and hands-on instruction in newborn care, breastfeeding, baby weight checks, postpartum herbs and teas, belly binding, nutrition, herbal sitz baths, birth processing, emotional support and screening, postnatal exercises, sleep strategies, and good ol' fashion TLC.  


Every mother deserves in-home postpartum care.

Postpartum support packages start at $400 (includes 4 home visits)

"My job as a midwife is to care for women throughout their pregnancy and assist in their journey though birth into motherhood.  While helping clients to prepare for their births I've always been sure to touch on the benefits of breastfeeding, what to expect with postpartum bleeding, signs of postpartum depression and other aspects of new mama and baby care, BUT I never realized or gave rightful acknowledgment to the enormity of those early days.  
Then it was my turn to meet a new baby's every need, process a huge life transition, cope with sore breasts, heal physically and emotionally from my birth, get very little sleep, and have colossal hormonal shifts.  While I now know how deeply rewarding and sacred the first weeks of motherhood are first hand, I also know that it can be the most challenging part of the entire childbearing year.  
Inspired by my own experience, and blown away by the fact that most new mothers are not seen by any care provider until their baby is six weeks old, I created the Postpartum Support Package.  This package is my way of helping to fill this void in our mainstream medical system and provide new mothers with the care and support they need and deserve." 
-Me, just after the birth of my son, Jaden
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