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Enlightened Birth is a complete birth preparation experience...  Spirit-led and evidence-based,

this class will deepen your faith in birth and life, invoking true commitment and deep surrender to get you through one of the greatest rites of passage of your life!

En·light·ened adjective: 1. having or showing a rational, modern, or well-informed outlook.

2. spiritually aware.

Enlightened Birth Online provides a container for expecting mothers and their partners to go deep together and commit to their birth process. I give mothers a simple, effective, and flexible template for coping with intense labor, and help partners to realize the true power and importance of their role. The goal is for both partners to feel relaxed & centered in their body, connected to each other & their baby, and well prepared for their birth.


  • Enlightened Birth Core Teachings broken down into digestible increments

  • Lovingly held learning container that encourages and communication and connection between participants

  • Live Q&A at the end of each call

  • Prompts sent to your inbox throughout the week to initiate intimate discussions, journal entries, and breakthroughs 

  • Guided visualizations to deepen your spirit connection to your baby and bring greater peace and presence to your pregnancy

  • Yoga for Birth to ease your aches, encourage optimal fetal positioning, and prepare your body for birth



Birth, like most great rites of passage, comes down to a leap of faith.

Enlightened Birth provides you with the wisdom and faith that's needed to leap. 



Kate Coletti Childbirth Education

"Enlightened Birth was packed full of powerful knowledge, positive affirmations and tons of goodness for us to carry with us into our natural birth journey. Seth shared that he felt much more confident about being a part of the birth team and caring for me in labor. He noted that the tips and tricks Kate shared were simultaneously simple and easy to remember while also feeling like intimate and deep solutions.  I would highly encourage any of my clients and friends to participate in this retreat, especially if natural childbirth is your goal. Kate turned a hum-drum experience into a truly peaceful and beautiful journey preparing for a spiritual and enlightened birth."  - TESSA, CERTIFIED NURSE MIDWIFE


"Kate’s enlightened birth class was the full package. Not only did she go through all the physiological parts of birth but she has this awesome way of connecting it all to the why, physically and spiritually. The class brought my husband and me so much closer and it meant that we were totally connected throughout labor and birth. It gave my husband the confidence to know what I needed and the confidence to communicate that to the hospital staff. Although it was our third birth together, the class was still so valuable and we were able to truly own our birth space and let it unfold as it was meant to. It was magical and empowering and Kate helped us learn how to make that happen. She’s so genuine and real, I’ve recommended her class to several friends. Thanks Kate, we are forever grateful!"  - KELSEY


We explore the following Core Teachings and more through engaging lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and lots of practice:


Enlightened Birth

Love Is Why

How to support births natural process

Unite with the instinctual animal within

Birth As A Ceremony

The Spirit Door

Sex & Birth

Power & Progress

Power: The Uterus

Progress: The Cervix

Stages of Labor

The Baby's Journey

The Art of Surrender

Birth In-to-me-see

Outlets for Energy:






Trust Birth

WHEN birth is longer or harder than anticipated...

WHAT aspect isn’t working?

HOW to make choices in childbirth.

WHY it's so enormous!


Heal all the way

A Midwife’s Guide to Postpartum Healing

A Pelvic Floor Specialist's Guide to Healing After Birth



_This intensive course was packed full of powerful knowledge, positive affirmations and to


What makes ENLIGHTENED Birth different from other birth preparation classes?
The content of ENLIGHTENED Birth draws from my 20+ years of practical experience in the birth community: as a midwife, prenatal yoga instructor, massage therapist and prenatal massage instructor, doula trainer, and through my own birthing experience. ENLIGHTENED Birth extends far beyond the basics to offer you inspiring birth wisdom.


When should I take this course?
You can attend an ENLIGHTENED Birth retreat at any time during your pregnancy but most couples choose to attend during their mid-to-late 2nd trimester.

Should I attend a hospital birth class in addition to ENLIGHTENED Birth?
It depends. Many couples feel that this curriculum gives them more than enough preparation for their birth. ENLIGHTENED Birth also pairs beautifully with other birth classes because the content is guaranteed to be unique.

Am I guaranteed a natural birth experience?

Nothing in life or birth is guaranteed, but when the day(s) is done your birth is guaranteed to be an epic story that will leave you forever changed.  Fortunately, after two decades in midwifery & women’s health, I am certain that the story can always be about empowerment, reclamation, and ecstatic love. 

How long will I have access to the course material?  

Each Monday night class will be recorded and uploaded to our online classroom.  You will have access to all the LIVE class recordings + bonus video & audio recordings for 90 days after your classes start date.


IN-PERSON at Kate's home in the hills above Sonoma, CA

Tea & a hearty snack included.


Sunday, April 2nd from 12-5pm

Sunday, June 4th from 12-5pm

Sunday, August 6th from 12-5pm

Sunday, September 17th from 12-5pm

Sunday November 5th from 12-5pm

$300/ COUPLE  

Register through Schedulicity link at top of page.

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