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In this customized coaching session we address pregnancy discomforts or concerns, prepare you and your partner for labor, create a birth plan and discuss provider/birth place/support options, go over baby care and breastfeeding, and anything else that is coming up for you around your pregnancy and birth.  I draw on my experience as a midwife, yoga instructor, massage therapist, birth educator, and mama to guide you to a peaceful mind and prepared body.   

A minimum of two hours is recommended.  

Birth Processing

A birth processing session is meant to help you understand/unpack/integrate your birth story.  We can review your chart, discuss any medical interventions that took place, replay your experience and emotions, and simply create a safe space for  you to FEEL so that you can HEAL.  

A two hour session is a good place to start, and follow-up sessions can be scheduled as needed.

Women's Health & Sexuality

An intimate coaching session to help you tap into your potential, break down the walls that inhibit your access to pleasure and the core of your feminine power, heal your vaginal ecology or other issues using a holistic approach, and talk in a shame-free and non-judgmental way all about your incredible anatomy & the spectrum of your arousal. 

A minimum of two hours is recommended.  

Investment for coaching is $80 per hour

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