Breast, Belly, & Bowl: A Manual Medicine Journey

In this self-health seminar you will explore your sacred anatomy, learn manual medicine through hands-on techniques and guided visualization, and discover self-care rituals for life-long wild woman wellness!


  • Deep dive into your anatomy to educate your touch and demystify your body

  • Learn how to heal your body with your own hands through special techniques and a listening touch

  • Discover self-care rituals to maintain vibrant health through every age and stage

  • Tools for moving through pivotal chapters of deep healing

  • Personalized self-care plan to address your unique needs and symptoms   

  • Guided visualizations and manual medicine journeys

  • Discover your feminine ground

  • Ancestral healing

  • Sisterhood!


Listening Touch - heat, tension, pain, numbness, mobility, emotion (softness > strategy)

Restore the Flow - blood, energy, lymph, nerve pathways, scars, emotion, connection to Spirit

Somatic Awareness - Feel it to heal it, just don’t get stuck there

Great Mother Medicine - You Are Sacred Land.  Tend your Feminine Ground

3 WEEK SERIES: JULY 11th- July 25th

Monday nights from 5:30-7pm on Zoom