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Restore and maintain vibrant women's health throughout your life...
Bring your healing into your own hands!


Breast, Belly, & Bowl will teach you how to tend your feminine ground

through manual therapy and rituals for women's wellness.


First, we will deep dive into the sacred anatomy that makes up our breast and reproductive health. This understanding is key to educating your touch and effectively treating your own body.  A seasoned hand takes time and repetition, but fortunately when you're always working on the same body (you!) it happens quickly.  ​

Regardless of your experience in these realms thus far, there is a deep well of healing waiting for you.  Skill, strategy, and experience all come second to your softness and willingness.  I assure you that your tissues will respond.

Imagine knowing exactly where to start when menstrual sensations begin to distract your day.

Imagine tending to old scars and releasing held stories that cloud your lens on the life that is in front of you. 

Imagine feeling something new in your breast tissues and jumping to action right away to soften and clear it.

Imagine knowing yourself so well that you trust your choices and even the way you move and talk.

Imagine feeling autonomous in the office of a care provider that you used to hand your power over to.

Imagine sharing wise woman ways of lovingly tending your body with your sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters, and beyond (and deep bows to all the mothers, aunties, and grandmothers who are helping our girls remember)!

Is Breast, Belly, & Bowl the perfect medicine to fill your cup?

Keep reading to learn more or  REGISTER HERE

"What an experience!  The way you guided us to 'learn to listen with our hands' and the emphasis you made on how as women we hold so much more power than we know... a portal to the divine inside ourselves."

Hi, I'm Kate.

I've been seasoning my hands over the last two decades as a bodyworker (since '02) and midwife (since '04), though it was my own healing journey after the birth of my son in 2011 that redirected my professional focus to women's health bodywork, and I've never looked back!

Much of the wisdom I have to share with you is thanks to my brave and wonderful clients (I see around 80 women a month in my women's health practice), and the root of these teachings, where the most potent medicine resides, comes to/through me from my beloved teachers:

Tami Kent, Rosita Arvigo, Hugh Milne, Barral Institute, and too many midwives to mention.

Dive deeper with me...

Manual medicine is massively underutilized, especially in pelvic and breast health.

In my busy healing practice that focuses exclusively on these areas, I see frequent miracles in healing...

From resolution of symptoms that have caused years of struggle in just one visit to breakthroughs in life, love, home, and career happening seamlessly in the wake of a deep session.  These results are not the exception, I witness magic daily!



Will you be joining us?  REGISTER HERE

In addition to learning how to heal your body with your own hands through listening touch, you will learn:

  • Your anatomy in new, deep and profoundly useful ways

  • Tools for moving through pivotal chapters of deep healing

  • A personalized care plan to address your unique needs and symptoms   

  • Guided visualizations that help you discover your sacred feminine ground

  • Self-care rituals to maintain vibrant health through every age and stage

  • How to quest within and tap into ancestral healing

 Every hands-on practice will be led with all participants cameras turned off.  You will feel held in our healing container and in your own deep process, while your safety and privacy are protected.


Listening Touch - mobility, motility, emotion, heat, tension, pain, numbness (softness > strategy)

Restore the Flow - blood (oxygen & nutrients), energy, lymph, nerve pathways, scars remediation

Somatic Awareness - feel it to heal it (just don’t get stuck there)

Great Mother Medicine - your body is a sacred landscape

Upcoming Journey's:

SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd from 11:00am-2pm PT on Zoom

Early Bird $69, After April 18th $99

(class will be recorded for those who cannot be attend live)


What effects will I notice after a session? 

Women describe immediate effects including feeling more heart-open and centered, a greater sense of support, increased strength in their pelvic muscles, and sometimes very heightened sensitivity/ access to your full feminine range. When blood, energy and lymphatic flow is restored to the breasts, abdomen, and pelvic bowl the benefits and improvement in undesired symptoms will continue to improve over time... think of each manual medicine session as an initiation of healing. 

What kinds of symptoms can be relieved with manual therapy?

  • Breast congestion & pain

  • Postpartum pelvic pain

  • Urinary or bowel incontinence (leakage), IBS, other bladder & bowel issues

  • Interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome

  • Painful intercourse, vaginismus, dyspareunia, difficulty with orgasm

  • Pelvic heaviness/fullness, cystocele, rectocele, pelvic organ prolapse

  • Endometriosis, adenomyosis, painful menstrual periods

  • General pelvic pain, vulvodynia, nerve pain, scar pain

Will we be massaging internally?

There will be an opportunity to treat your tissues internally (go right to the root), but it is not required.  The entire hands-on journey will be woven with healing techniques and tricks of the trade, anatomy landmarks, and guided visualizations.  If you are not comfortable or unable to participate fully in the manual part of the journey, you will still get an enormous amount of support and healing by just listening.

What age group is this offering geared toward?

Women of all ages and stages of life are welcome to join us.


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